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Thread: external SATA speed loss vs. internal hook ups?

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    Default external SATA speed loss vs. internal hook ups?

    I have one of your eSATA burly boxes from way back. Right now they hold back up volumes. Meanwhile in the Mac Pro 2009, 2 bays are devoted to 250GB each scratch raid zero. I would like to switch this arrangement so I wonder if I lose any measurable speed to scratch raid zero thru the eSATA hookup instead?
    Thanks for any advice !!

    I have early 2009 (Nahelem?) Mac 2x2.26 quad core xeon
    NVIDIA GeForce GT 120 512 MB

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    There is no difference between the performance of internal and external SATA

    If your internal raid is on a hardware raid card you might want to make sure it supports the external drives. if it is all software raid there will be no issue there

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    One thing to keep in mind, they haven't made 250 GB drives for a bunch of years. I would bet a single Seagate drive at 180+ MB/sec is a bunch faster than a RAID built using a pair of old 250s.
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