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Thread: Advice on what Macbook to buy

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    Default Advice on what Macbook to buy

    So I'm looking to buy a new Macbook Pro 15 inch with retina display but I'm just not sure which one to get, the $1900 model or the top of the line $2300. I'm not a huge gamer, I have (an admittedly old) Xbox 360 for the more intensive games such as Skyrim, but I'd still like to be able to play games like the Sims 3/4, with expansion packs, with minimal lag.

    My current 13 inch, mid 2010 macbook has never handled the Sims well after the addition of an expansion pack or two, and to play things like Assassin's Creed 2 I'm always having to turn the graphics right down, and even then the fan goes crazy. I also bought the Settlers 7 the other day but haven't been able to play it yet because it's too laggy and the graphics have to be set right down.
    So mostly I'm just wondering if I could get away with the $1900 model, maybe with an upgraded processor (if that makes a noticeable enough difference?) or if I should just spend the extra money on the more advanced model. I'd also like to make sure that whatever I get is good for at least another five years, so hopefully something that will cope well in future years.

    Also, on a side note, would it be worth running the games through bootcamp on the windows side? I've heard that they often run better that way.

    Anyways, any advice would be great! Thanks in advance

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    Can't offer much help on choosing the model to get.... that always seems to be making compromises with yourself. Paying for top of the line takes no self control, just money. Knowing your own personal needs and getting the right combination of features is the trick.

    I can say that the ONLY way to properly play Windows games is with Bootcamp. There is no way to play a high end game in VM.

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    Hard to speak to gaming/3D. More is always better, so if you can afford it, get it.

    One thing I will offer advice on: Apple has moved (on most machines) to a no-upgrade model. You cannot upgrade RAM, and storage varies...some harder than others. All MBP Retina models cannot have their RAM upgraded, so consider maxing it out. The good news is.....Apple no longer gouges with obscene prices for RAM, likely to mitigate the outcry that we are forced to pay their crazy blackmail prices.

    So with nothing upgradeable except (on some models) storage, to extend the usable life, one must buy all the CPU/GPU/RAM you can afford up front.

    And yes, BootCamp is well worth it for Gaming (or any non-Mac software). You get 100% hardware performance, no compromises. If you can scrounge a copy of Win 7/8.
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