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Thread: Transfer LP to CD

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    Quote Originally Posted by marrand View Post
    Learned something really new: they still built and use tube preamps and amplifiers?? What's their advantage over solid state?
    Sound quality only. I have a Yamaha 700 watt receiver with a set of JBL speakers that I use in my home theater but I won't listen to music in there it all sounds flat no warmth or depth at all. If it wasn't for surround sound when watching movies I would be all analog in the theater as well but putting together a 7 or 9 channel tube surround system would cost more than my house.

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    If you have good room, and a good stereo you don't need surround sound.

    My guitar rig is all analog, and tube powered. SS just doesn't have the feel that a good tube amp delivers though a bit of diode or transistor distortion added on input is just the ticket sometimes for good edgy tone.

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