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Thread: Exteremly slowed down macbook. How to get rid of SpeedStep?

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    Default Exteremly slowed down macbook. How to get rid of SpeedStep?


    I have a macbook pro with a dead battery. My computer got extremely slow and i have a process named as kernel_task with %600 CPU consumption!?!. I have a windows partition on this machine either and windows works like a charm. I contacted with Apple today and they said that the dead battery triggers something called SpeedStep and it slows down the CPU in a mysterious way and I need to buy a new battery to get rid of this issue.

    The thing is, I use this computer in my studio and I'll be using it indoors on the summer and I really don't want to spend money to a battery that I'll not use and shorten it's life. Is there a way to close this SpeedStep thing?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Not familiar with this....

    On older MacBooks and MacBook Pros, I have run them with no battery with sign of problems with performance. Having said that, the main battery hold power for clock and calendar settings, so hard to recommend this as a solution, even if it helped.

    I would tend to lean towards replacing the battery as the mag-safe connect is great and all.......but easy to accidentally disconnect. Would make me nervous about hard shut downs.

    Digging around, I find this, and others asking the same. I am not convinced that the reason given to you is accurate though....I don't have any proof, but it seems odd that speed step would under clock the CPU just because here on violable battery in the machine. Seems like is should work via voltage and temps, so unless the AC adapter somehow cannot properly supply the right battery....
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    CoolBook thing does not support Mavericks unfortunately. I solved the issue though. Here is what I did, just in case;

    I hope that modification will not cause any trouble to me in the future.

    Besides, my computer still turn itself on when I connect the power adapter and boots into safe mode every time which is quite annoying.

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