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Thread: Back To Mac issue

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    Default Back To Mac issue

    Hey guys,

    I have a home office with an IMAC connected to my wireless network. The issue is when the IMAC goes to sleep mode wireless wake on LAN will not wake it up. I have to manually wake up the IMAC to connect to it with my macbook.

    Checked the settings for my wifi on the IMAC to see if it supports wake wireless wifi wake on LAN and it does.

    I was thinking of changing my energy saver settings to not put the hard disk to sleep when possible to resolve this issue but havent tried that as of yet.

    I wanted to post this to ask for guidance on what else I could do to fix this issue. One of the main goals is to remote into my IMAC when I'm at work and this will only work if wake on wireless is not working as designed.

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    haha I found out the problem, but figured I'd just reply to my own thread so that if someone has the same problem they can google it and help.

    After digging into the energy saver settings I realized that full sleep turns off the wireless connection completely which takes the IMAC off the network.

    So I just moved the slider to sleep to never and had the monitor turn off after 5 min of inactivity and bam my problem was solved.

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    I couldn’t fugure out why the problem was ocurring. The only computer I own that ever deep sleeps is my MacBookPro. And it has always come backup with everything still working properly. In fact the wireless connection to the router has been very predictable and one of the first things backup on wake. Some network or router setting isn’t quite right for the connection nopt to renew on wake…

    Glad you have a fix though. Still be nice to figure out what was what.

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