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Thread: possible to upgrade an eSATA Burly to USB3?

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    Question possible to upgrade an eSATA Burly to USB3?

    I don't need to move yet, but when I upgrade to a Mac with no PCIe slots, I'm wondering if I can take my ye olde Burly and simply upgrade the board to get USB3 connecticity.

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    Short answer is yes.

    Longer answer has to include the statement that Apple doesn’t do USB 3.0 very well. Their bus is a bit flaky and adjustments have to be made in how you use your storage if you go with USB 3.

    Different model Macs seem to have more or less issues with USB 3 storage. Almost all of them require the user instal an application to keep the USB 3 attached drive up and running and not spontaneously dismounting. Even then, one user in 50 still has issues and end up having to move to a different bus.

    I still prefer eSATA. eSATA isn’t a bridge like USB and doesn’t have the holes in the usefulness. (or in my head from banging on the desk) Thunderbolt to eSATA is becoming easier to do every day with more products being released all the time. Some of them really capable.

    A SATA chipset attached to a Thunderbolt port works exactly the same as a SATA chipset inside plugged into PCIe slot. Thunderbolt is PCIe, same same. So my usual advice is stick with the stuff that is damn near bomb proof and avoid the flaky USB if you can. If you have to use USB, we’ll work through it and get it running. You’ll just have to make some adjustments.

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    Oy. I thought that just maybe I would hate this generation of USB less than the last two. Thanks for the warning Rick!

    Lycom card to eSATA Burly has been rock-solid and fast for 6 years now. No way do I want to step down from that.

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