Hi all,

Just wanted to share this info, in the event it is of value to any of the forum members.

I decided upon an iMac (had considered a MacPro) and placed my order on Nov 29, 2013. I live within walking distance of an Apple Store and placed my order there. As of today, I have not received the iMac and have been given 4 separate estimates for delivery:

1) Jan 16-17; 2) Dec 23; 3) Jan 7; and 4) today, I was told it should be "shipping sometime mid-January". Apple's delivery/shipping estimate is 7-10 days to my location.

In the last few days, I was also told there are "constraints" on the 27" iMacs. The guys at Apple told me they have asked up the line what the constraints are, but have not been given an answer. My sales guys are guessing it could be something to do with the 27" screen, but they told me that is only a guess. I've googled 27" iMac constraints but only come up with answers relating to the early 2013 iMacs, not the current builds. The Apple website says my build is available to ship within 6-8 business days: that has not been my experience.

So, I wait and am back to rethinking the iMac/MacPro thing. I figure I have at least 7 days to make a change and cancel this order if I do decide to go with a MacPro...and February/March is just around the corner...

Happy New Year!