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Thread: Mavericks & Lycom PCIe drivers

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    Default Mavericks & Lycom PCIe drivers

    Any updates for use with Mavericks? I did the upgrade last night and everything seemed to work except for a weird window focus issue (all windows lose focus after 3-5 seconds) and I'm rolling back to ML. Currently using SiI3124_2.1.4.0_Sil_Pkg.

    Have a Lycom PCIe SataII in a 2x2,8 Quad core xeon Mac Pro, card purchased from MG 4/08. Model number on the invoice is LYCeSATA-4e.

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    I have about 15 minutes of testing done on 10.9. So far it looks like the Silicon Image 3124 driver version 2.1.4 works. That said, it will take a lot longer to know that for sure. There are a LOT of ways a driver can mess up.

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