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Thread: PPDs, .gz, .ppd, going mad!

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    Default PPDs, .gz, .ppd, going mad!

    Quark 7 on iMac 3.2 Intel, 10.6.8. Running okay till fairly recently, which might or might not have coincided with upgrading to Snow Leopard.

    Recent problems arising with PPDs on the Quark. Prints okay, just won't list PPDs in the PPD Manager.

    There seems to be some talk on the internet about Snow Leopard and pf_ versus .gz files. Means little to me...

    Tried downloading a .gz file for my Canon MG5250 Pixma printer from Canon, couldn't find one. Couldn't find any sort of PPD, in fact.

    Quark defaults to a generic B&W or Colour printer in the absence of the correct PPD, and as I say it prints okay.

    So should I forget it, and just let it default to generics, or does it matter?

    I run PrintFab as well, but that doesn't seem to make much difference.

    I've tried reinstalling OS, and Quark, and Canon, all to no avail.

    Why couldn't they make things simple? I'm getting too old for all this caper.

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    In the best traditions of MacGurus, sleeping on the problem seems to have helped.

    The .gz files that matter (the ones that Quark recognizes), go in here:

    Hard Drive

    They go into that final folder, the Resources Folder.

    It seems that any other PPDs, anywhere, including inside Quark, or in Users, etc., don't matter at all. The only ones that seem to be seen by Quark's PPD Manager are the ones in that Resources Folder.

    Anyway, having played that particular hunch and thankfully got one right, it all now seems to be working.

    (Added advantage of having located that folder: you can then delete all the hundreds of .gz files ABOVE the Canon level (they're alphabetical), so that when you come to choose your printer in Quark, the one you see on top of your list is the Canon one (in my case) that I want.)

    So there you go. Might help some poor soul in future.


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    Pretty cool. I was stumped.
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