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Thread: Cropping and sizing a photo for a friend

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    Default Cropping and sizing a photo for a friend

    I don't do much cropping/sizing of photo's and am having a big time brain fart. I did go read some ... not enough.

    I have a 2" x 3" photo that I scanned into my computer as a jpeg. Then I imported it into iPhoto and the photo appeared in the corner of a 81/2" x 11 sheet of paper or white area. I went to crop it tried to constrain it to 2" x 3" but I don't think I ever got it right.

    Maybe the customize under the various crop options would of been the right choice. I can check tomorrow.

    So to get it done... I opened Preview and it seemed to work. I'm not sure about quality.

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    So you can crop and leave the density alone. And then resize and set your density. The crop will have no effect on picture density, it just cuts out the unneeded part. Then the resize should be done with care. It depends on whether the pic is to be displayed on a monitor or printed. Printed is a lot harder since it needs a lot more density to be a good print. Displayed on a monitor only needs to be 72 DPI.

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    Yeah, knowing the final output and what you want to do....print, email, etc. matters.
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