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Thread: PCIe ssd vs ssd drive vs more ram

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    Question PCIe ssd vs ssd drive vs more ram

    got a 4.1 mac pro 16 gb ram and a 640gb boot drive 7200 rpm
    have been considering a PCIe ssd to speed things up and use as a main boot drive with a new back up as well
    anyone with any experience with PCIe ssd's ? is it the fastest interface ? thanks

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    Welcome to the forum. I did some photo workstation testing last year with what, at the time, was the fastest SSD setup I could figure out how to build. It was a bit over 1.4 GB/sec and cost a couple arms and legs to assemble. Booted like nobody's business. However, once up and running, the OS and apps are in RAM, that super fast SSD boot drive just doesn't do a whole lot. Stick the work files on the SSD and wow, that made a difference. But you waste the time saved having to move the files in and out of the relatively tiny SSD space.

    Having a big fast RAID for the photo data, now that shows up as a big improvement in performance.

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