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    RE: can't compose email on any site.
    G5 Powerpc dual processor....OSX 10.5.8

    Hello Troops....

    I had a very strange thing happen today. My mac suddenly won't let me compose emails.

    I was emailing all morning and all was well. I worked on a project in iMovie HD for a while until I had an error message so, I stopped for the day. I went back to send another email, when I discovered the problem. (It doesn't matter if I use Safari or Firefox.)

    I wouldn't think the iMovie error would have anything to do with it.... and obviously my keyboard still works....

    I use Yahoo for my email. My Yahoo mail works on every other Mac in the house. And both have been reset.

    When I click on "compose email", the blank email comes up but it will not allow me to type anything.... no address, subject, won't even let me attach anything. I also tried to Reply to an email... nothing...

    Any suggestions ?

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    This may be a seemingly silly question, but, can you get on the internet with your G5?

    Might try running 10.5.8 combo updater.

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