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    Hey guys,

    I just got a pass me down iMac, its from late 2004.

    The problem is that its stuck on the boot screen with the apple logo and a loading icon below it.
    There was a CD stuck in the CD drive... so I held the mouse button to eject it, and then pulled it out when it tried to come out but was stuck there.
    I don't think the CD drive works either way.

    I need help fixing this, I have a couple of CD's lying around (I think snow leopard and i think 10.6).

    Could someone help me fix this? Is the imac a goner or can I bring it back to life somehow?

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    You could try booting it from an external FW drive.

    G5 iMacs were not the greatest though. They run really hot.

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    If you're comfortable removing the back look for any leaking capacitors. This mac and just about every other computer of any brand from that era had a problem with leaky caps. If you find any then it's probably toast, unless you can solder. Not worth spending much money on

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