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Thread: Follow-up: ADC - AGP cards for MDD and G5?

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    Confused Follow-up: ADC - AGP cards for MDD and G5?

    Hello again:

    You'll recall my travails last week with the Radeon 9800 Pro that I couldn't get to work properly/reliably in my 1.25 gHz DP MDD. I finally gave up on it, and reverted to the stock 9000.

    But I purchased a 9600 XT on eBay, which I received yesterday. The machine wouldn't power on with the card until I taped pins 3 & 11, which didn't surprise me. But I taped the pins and the machine started right up, and the card works fine, with a couple of caveats, which I'll get to in a moment.

    However, much to my chagrin, I discovered that the 9600 XT, and presumably other AGP/ADC video cards meant originally for the G5, does not have its ADC connector in the same place as the 9000, or other G4 AGP/ADC cards. The ADC connector for the 9600 is further back on the card than that of the 9000. Color me stupid, but, never having poked around inside a G5, I did not know that the G5 and G4 had different physical locations for the ADC connector. I figured ADC was ADC. D'oh!

    So, though the card works, I've really gained nothing by getting the 9600. I wanted an AGP/ADC card into which I could just plug my Apple 23 inch ADC display. I can use my DVI - ADC adapter with the card, but what I wanted was a straight ADC connection.

    So, first question: my subsequent research indicates that the only AGP/ADC card that offers Core Image hardware acceleration, and will physically work with the ADC connector of the MDD, is the Radeon 9700, which, apparently, had a version that was designed for the MDD. Is this correct, or are there others I'm not aware of?

    Furthermore, there is one issue with the 9600 when I use it with the DVI-ADC adapter and my 23 inch cinema display. For some reason, and this *only* happens with the DVI-ADC adapter and the cinema display, when I load pages in Safari that have Flash content, Safari either hangs and becomes unresponsive, or quits altogether. I then get a dialog that says "Safari has quit unexpectedly. This may have been caused by the Flash 10.x plug-in." This only happens with the 9600 - DVI - ADC - 23 inch cinema combination. Any ideas what is going on here? I am guessing, but perhaps for some reason the Core Image hardware acceleration of the 9600 (which the 9000 doesn't have) doesn't play well with Flash and ADC? I can't imagine why, but there it is.

    Finally, my second question, which may be moot, but: has anyone ever tried to somehow adapt the ADC connector of one of these G5 ADC cards to the ADC connector of an MDD? It seems to me that it could be done and could work. The ADC connector only has two leads, which supply power for the display, correct? It seems to me that you might be able to come up with some kind of franken-connector or jumper that would let you go straight ADC. Anyone know anything out there?


    Rob J.

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    There was a site, where I first read about the tape hack, that included a more serious mod to get a G5 ADC card working in a G4. The site was, which you mind find referenced in old posts/sties, but it's no longer there.

    Basically as I recall it involved soldering wires from the 9600 ADC tab to another "tab" which you'd plug into the slot on the G4 motherboard -- basically creating an extender to reach the G4 ADC slot on the mb. As I recall the author got that "tab" by snapping off ADC "tab" off another card or by just cutting part of the slot from a dead graphics card.

    I believe you're correct about the 9700, which is a very rare card. I have/had one that I won ages ago on eBay. However over the years, it eventually died -- probably a casualty of heat despite my best efforts.

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    Yes there is an easy mod. I've done the G5 ADC card into a G4 hack before, with a 9600XT into a DA. I just cut a section of 3 pins from an old ISA type card, and it fit perfect into the motherboard power slot. Then soldered a cable on each side connecting the ISA pins to the ADC power section. I soldered them outside of the computer of course, so installing it was a bit of a trick. Worked like a charm.

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