It appears that my logic board failed on my MacPro (2006). The light and fans turn on but there is no chime and of course nothing happens. The LED's on the logic board are all off until I push the diag button. Then the first and last lights come on (The trickle and power lights I do believe). From what I have learned reading on the internet, the GPU light (2nd to last) is also supposed to come on? I have a later model MacPro (2009) and I took the video card and swapped it with the 2006 card. The 2006 MacPro still doesn't chime but the 2009 MacPro will chime with the 2006 video card installed. Apparently it doesn't know what to do with that card because the monitor doesn't come on. Anyone have any ideas on this?

By the way, I did swap/move RAM memory. There are two boards and I took each one out and swapped them. The red LED's on the cards light up and turn off normally. I removed all peripherals.