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Thread: Can I get iOS 5(Not 6) & update iTouch4G

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    Default Can I get iOS 5(Not 6) & update iTouch4G

    It's been a long time since I was here last,but I had such a good experience,I figured this the best place for my situation. I wana ask how/if there's a way I can get iOS 5 & update my lil girls iTouch 4G so she can make use of the "Virtual Home-Button".
    See my daughters iTouch 4G(w/iOS 4) has never been updated. It's still running iOS 4 & thats all fine & dandy. But she recently lost all Home-Button Functionality,so now it's very hard to use. Anyway I read that iOS 5 brings a "Virtual Home-Button" via "Accessibilities". Problem is,when we try to update her iTouch,our iTunes offers iOS 6,only we don't want iOS 6,due to its high number of Bugs.
    Below are a few of my concerns.
    Suraj Sharma sums things up -- Quote from Cnet
    He's "hating the new App Store and Maps app... they are kinda useless now it's hard to find stuff. The other small improvements in iOS 6 are good, however iOS 6 is a massive disappointment compared to the impressive iOS 4 and iOS 5 updates."
    "ITouch4g. So Slow Now & Use's More RAM"
    "WiFi Greyed Out across all iDevices"
    "Update iOS 6.0.1 WiFi Issues,Still Not Fixed"
    "New App Store Sluggish/More Crash Prone"
    Thanks for any/all consideration/direction
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    If you have a backup within iTunes, you can restore it. Since it sounds like you never got to iOS 5, then you won't have a backup so try the links over here. Pick the correct device, and you should get a full download of iOS 5.1.1.

    Have only ever restored from a backup, so can't walk you through it.

    Do backup the device first......even if you don't really like the OS, so no matter what, you can get back to where you started if need be. And it would be wise to turn off automatic updates once you get it dialed in, so that iOS 6 does not get pushed to it.

    FWIW, I don't see any deal breakers in iOS 6. I don't know what the hub bub is about maps, but I don't live and die by them either.
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    Yeah I have had no issues about iOS 6 either. On my iPhone 4 I have none of those problems. I suppose I have the maps bugs but I have never seen one of them.

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