Hello, I've had the misfortune of having a raid set fail on me.
We had a technician in to run diagnostics on our server to see why it was running at 100% fans. He plugged in a usb disk, restarted to diagnostics off the disk and found a problem with drive 2's temperature sensor. He then proceeded to hot-swap drives 2 and 3 while the system was still running and ran the test again. The error moved with the drive.

He was surprised when, on reboot, there was no boot volume. He booted to a lion installation he had on a different USB disk, and in its raid utility there were no volumes listed, and all 3 disks show up as healthy and 'roaming'.

Well, the technician and Apple support are all telling me we have to rebuild from backup - unfortunately our backups are not quite up to date... looks like it's been having trouble for a month or so.

Only drives 2 and 3 were moved - why did drive 1 lose its RAID reference...
Are we really right out of luck? Some of these data recovery places claim they can rebuild it.. I imagine that would be thousands of dollars and a couple weeks, at least. If they can do it, there must be something we can do locally.

Any help would be appreciated!