Hey there,
Very glad I found this forum. This is my first post as I think this is the first problem I haven't been able to solve via google or luck, and some help in solving it would be amazing.

A customer brought me a 2011 macbook air to have the lcd assembly replaced. It had been stepped on and the lcd was bent.

I made a mistake. I didn't try to power the thing on before I started working on it. I've done that before and made a solemn oath never to do that again. I did it again.

So, I took it apart, replaced the display assembly. There were no problems.

I put it back together, plugged in the ac adapter and it didn't turn on.

When the ac adapter is plugged in (not the power button pressed... it does it on its own), the fan spins briefly and what sounds like the beginnings of the 'chime' is heard. But, it doesn't get any further than that.

I went back in the macbook air and reseated all the connections. I reset the smc.

I'd really love some suggestions as this has me very stressed. I assume that the logic board is receiving power since the fan which is connected to it, is receiving power. Other than that... I don't know.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.