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Thread: Installing Windows 7 via Bootcamp (USB)

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    Question Installing Windows 7 via Bootcamp (USB)

    I have a 17" Macboook Pro which is a just a few years old.
    I recently got my hands on a copy of OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2, and decided it was time to backup my HDD, format and repartition, and install the new OSX alongside my copy of Windows 7. The problem here is that the DVD Combo drive recently broke after my MBP took a fall, so my only option was to do everything via USB.

    Before wiping the drive, I had OSX 10.6.7 bootcamped with Windows 7 Ultimate SP1, and it ran just fine... But those were installed via their corresponding DVDs.
    I did some research and found several articles and tools to enable me to use my USB sticks and external hard drives to install a fresh copy of OSX Mountain Lion, as well as prepare a Windows 7 USB Installer (my favorite being the modification of Bootcamp's Info.plist, to allow Bootcamp to do all the work using the Win7 ISO and your USB drive).

    Unfortunately, no matter how many ways I go about it, the furthest I am able to get is a black screen which says "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key" even though I have my Win7 USB stick plugged in. I'm assuming at this point, the laptop is only searching for DVDs and not for USB devices. Holding the option key down during a restart only displays my OSX partition, and allows me to boot into OSX. But how can I get my Mac to recognize the USB stick to install Win7?

    Any help would me greatly appreciated!

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    I haven't tried to install from a USB drive, but have you seen this?

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    When I asked many experts if I can install Windows 8 at my ML. The answer was not now. Because Apple has not released the windows drivers yet.

    How long do I need to wait ? Please let me know if there is any alternate for this.


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