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Thread: MBP 2009 Lion stuck in startup

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    Default MBP 2009 Lion stuck in startup

    last week my mac book pro got stuck in the grey startup screen with apple logo and a loading circle. bootcamp and recovery hd were still working. verify disk programm said that my node structure is invalid, so i used repair. loads of error messages, invalid directory count, volume needs minor header repairs and some more. in the end it said the the volume is repaired though. but the problem stays.
    formatted the system, works well a couple of hours, quick startup also. next day same problem. thought about getting a new harddrive now, but i m not sure whether that is really the problem...
    looking forward to hearing any suggestions from you!

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    If I read this right, you have you internal MBP drive partitioned into 2 - one for OSX and a bootcamp partition with Windows?

    If so, and you are not seeing a problem with the BootCamp partition, then, like you, I am hesitant to blame it on a bad drive.

    You also stated you formatted the system. Does that mean you erased the OSX partition (leaving the bootcamp partition in place) and then reinstalled Mac system on a clean partition from your recovery disk? And that got corrupted after only a day?

    Wow. Wonder if possible bad ram? That can be tested using Rember. Free application that is just a GUI that uses the built in MemTest Unix code.

    Or a corruption in the recovery disk data. Might be worth backing it up to an external disk, erasing the partition again and installing OSX clean, instead of off the recovery disk. Then importing your info using Migration Assistant?

    We'll figure this out. Hate to think a drive would cause only one partition to get corrupted. - one other thing you can try. If you have an external Firewire drive to backup to, boot to it and run for a bit. That would certainly prove the issue. In my opinion everyone should have an external FW800/USB enclosure to make backups you control and can boot to in an emergency.

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    Dunno......couldn't be blocks starting to fail that happen to be the essential OS X boot goodies?

    Tedious, but a low level format (security setting to write over the entire drive) would put it under load, and also map any bad blocks.

    I think it is the the HD.

    Saw a 3 month old MBP the other day that tested fine every which way......but was just really slow. Finder, opening files, etc. Couldn't make the HD fail though. New HD solved it.

    Luckily, HDs are easy and cheap to swap in modern MBPs. Consider it compared to your time to trouble shoot. Besides, Apple's OEM HD choices are not the fastest....
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    How much RAM do you have? Ricks has a point that it could be an issue of low RAM. Secondly check if your drive has enough free space because that could also be a reason of slow startup no apps launch at all.

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