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Thread: In high praise of the Burly (a.k.a how to rescue a hard drive)

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    Default In high praise of the Burly (a.k.a how to rescue a hard drive)

    I had an external hard drive that no longer wanted to mount nor be diagnosed by any of my tools (TTP, DiskWarrior, Data Rescue and others). It appeared I lost all information on that drive. Although the tools couldn't access it, one of them did show the name saying it contained 0kb. I had most of it backed up but had been working on some things that I hadn't. I contemplated data rescue service, but had resigned myself that the drive and my data were gone.

    The drive was out of warranty anyway, so I removed the drive from the external enclosure and put it into one of my Burly trays, and it popped up on the desktop and there it was!!!! All files, nothing wrong with the drive.

    I can't praise the Burly highly enough! It just goes to prove the importance of an excellent enclosure, power supply and cooling system. I am beyond ecstatic.

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    Now that's a pretty neat story. Thanks for the post. We do try and make something that just keeps on rockin.

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