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    Default End of an Era...

    Carbon Copy Cloner is no longer free, moving forward for all versions supporting 10.8 and beyond. Now it will be $40. Don't know if we can use it everywhere for that price, or if the license will be oppressive to the tech crowd that want to install/use here, there, everywhere.

    Edit: Bad news. A big hidden cost of supporting 10.8.

    Ouch. Got used to it always being there.

    In their defense, it has continued to add features, and increase in value, with refined scheduled backups, and pruning/grooming old versions out automatically. Arguably one of the best backup/cloning tools out there under 50 bucks.

    Another big picture plus: Though there are many backup tools (yay!!!!!) for Macs these days, it must have been tuff to be a dev trying to make and support a great product—and sell it—with CCC having been so good, and so free all these years. Now the playing field will be leveled quite a bit, and we all will have to pick where we want to spend our $ for backups, or live with simpler tools, such as Time Machine.

    Now SuperDuper could really become the leader of the free ware group, if only in the basic clone-a-bootable OS category.

    How about a list of alternatives we like? I will start:

    Carbon Copy Cloner
    Super Duper
    Crash Plan
    Data Backup
    Get Backup
    Arsync ('cause they have a pirate logo. Arrr! )

    Lots more out there, but that is most of what I have used over the last few years. Some interesting tools too, not just cloning.

    I used Get Backup for example to grab some files out of a incomplete Time Machine backup. Machine had about 75GB of data in the "in progress" file on a networked server, but had not TM could not see or restore anything. Finder will open that file and see the all the files, but will not let you copy out of it. Thinks it is the wrong file system (gives a: this is not an HFS+ volume error). Very frustrating.

    Tried with a few other tools, like CCC, but all balked with a similar error. Get Backup saw and copied the files out of the backup image, and though it was slow tedious process, was able to recover all of the data that TM had written, but could not use. This was the only copy from a failed notebook drive.

    Along with others like ChronoSync and Tri-Backup, GetBackup is also great for synchronizing large data sets. Perfect for migrating TBs of data. Very handy for migrating, say, storage on a server that cannot be down for 2 days. Do a block at time, and then be sure at the end that you have the latest copy of 10s of thousands of files. Not possible with Finder.

    So......any other goodies out there to share?

    This looks interesting: Forever Backup
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    I actually witnessed the change over with the Lion -> Mountian Lion release, when I was downloading on different computers. One moment it's donationware, the next day it's suddenly paid with trial and ads.

    I was going to post, but one thing after another and you got to it before me. It was actually discounted on initial release of the paid version (around 10%), but has since gone to full price.

    While he could have pulled all versions of the free app, Bombich has left the free/donationware ones available for download. And according to the Release Notes and the License FAQ if you donated in the past, you don't have to buy a new license. For home/personal use, with one license you can install it on your Macs, which is different from the Commercial/Educational conditions which you linked.

    After using the latest versions of CCC (to clone a recovery partition), I forgot about selective backups, e.g. folders/files, rather than the whole shot. Since it was discounted when I looked, I pulled the trigger on the paid version of CCC since I can install it all my Macs.

    This is a timely discussion for me; your advice/insight/comments would be greatly appreciated.

    I was actually looking at sync-ing software today, like Chronosync and the like. I've got a bit of mess with my data -- in part caused by that accidental wiping and restore of the 1.5 TB HD. While some cleaning was done post-accident on the restored 1.5TB HD, the working pair of 2TB HDs were left with the mess. And those were purchased because I was running out of space of my on home 1TB archive HDs. I've been zero'ing, shifting, and organizing data for days, trying to get some sanity back -- I know I have multiple copies of many things.

    Anyway, once I get everything cleaned and in order, what I'd really like to get setup, is something like what Chronosync calls "Syncing with an intermediary". So that's where I'm looking for tips and even possible alternatives to Chronsync.

    Basically I'd like to have a portable HD, as the "intermediary", between my work big external HDs (usually hooked up to my MBP) and my home big external HDs (usually hooked up to my mini). That way I have a backup of the work stuff at home as well, in case of accidental damage, theft, etc. (I'm not really looking for a direct sync between the MBP and Mini -- actually I could use portable home directories since the mini is running Mt. Lion Server for that.)

    Mostly what I'd be shifting are RAW photos, Quark/ID projects, etc. Stuff which would eat way too much space on the company SAN. While I back these up to optical media (multiple copies); I've seen more optical discs go bad than I have HDs. And I'd like to have these things readily accessible on a 3.5" external HD at work. Lately I've been trying to keep these things even while "works in progress" on the external HD since the internal HD on my MBP tends to fill up far too quickly.

    So what I'm looking for is a way to sync automatically selective "WIP" folders on the big external HD at work to say a portable 2.5" HD. Syncing automatically when I plug in the portable HD would be good. That way with 2.5" the data is available if I need to do some work on stuff at home. And while at home, I can also plug the portable 2.5" into the mini and have it sync those folders on to a bigger external HD hooked up to the mini.

    I suppose that once these WIP are finished, I could somehow manage to do a "final" sync among the HDs, then move the data to the "archive areas" that aren't watched by sync program.

    So....finally...the questions. Can I do with that Chronosync? Got any other recs?

    Thanks in advance.

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    I guess backup utilities aren't such a hot topic.

    Question: Get Backup, is that the free version you used or the paid Pro version that had success where others failed?

    I'm still investigating apps for my "intermediate" syncing project. I'm liking the looks of Chronosync more and more for some syncing. It can sync on mount, found a handy video of theirs:

    In the mean time I managed an upgrade to Mountain Lion for the MBP after having already upgraded the Mini Server to ML Server. I figure/hope that there would be fewer glitches with both on the same OS. Took a bit of doing and much experimenting, but I got Profile Manager setup with a Mobility/Portable Home directory on my MBP. There are some weird glitches that have left me puzzled but I figured out the workarounds. And there are probably some others I encountered that are there by design.

    Right now, I've got it Home syncing of ~/Documents and some *very* selective Preferences syncing in ~/Library. Lots of stuff gets dumped in ~/Library, so the Apple default of syncing ~/Library and the default skips weren't doing the job -- way too much stuff! I'll see in due time whether it's worth the pain of ~/Library/Preferences.

    Going to add a few more folders later, e.g. ~/Pictures, for photos from my iPhone.

    This is pure sync, no archiving like CCC or say Chronosync. But this gives some added convenience and handy backup as well.

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    This came out while I was doing 15 hour days running a combine. I was going to post a rant about how SyncProX was incapable, since its last version, of making it all the way through a root backup without manually skipping some items. I switched that backup to CHronoSync in frustration and that works perfectly.

    I was never a fan of CCC. It had so many problems over the years, way back when, that I found better alternatives. For a simple drive copy nothing beats SuperDuper and still free.

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