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Thread: ? Enable lan card ?

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    Default ? Enable lan card ?

    Mac Mini 1.2ghz

    I use an aftermarket usb wireless card and have never had a problem until today.... all of a sudden, I get a pop up message saying ENABLE LAN CARD IN SYSTEM PREFERENCES,,,,,

    stupid me can't find anywhere in SYSTEM PREFERENCES> NETWORK to enable the Lan Card....I don't ever remember having to "enable" the card before..... after installing the drivers... it just found it....

    we have an identical mini with the same card and the WiFi card shows up in the Network screen......swaped wifi cards and same thing....

    Am I missing something..... how do you "Enable" a card ???

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    Look at System Preferences/Network.

    Down in the lower left, you should see a + button, a - button, and a little cog button.

    Click on the cog, and see if you have an option to: Make service active

    Click it.

    If can try selecting the LAN (Ethernet) service and click the - button to delete it. Then click the + button and create a new LAN service/port. Sometimes the ports get wonky, and the easiest fix is delete and recreate.
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