Okay, so recently I started having drives just "unmount" sporadically, only to corrupt LR catalogs and even scrap an entire working drive (thank god for the backup). What is the starting point to trouble shoot this?

It seems like all the drives on one burly sequentially unmount and remount within a few seconds of each other. The other Burly is stable. I have (2) 5 Bay Enclosures.

Please help me! I just opened & cleaned the troubled burly, also unplugged and replugged in all the esata cables inside. Scared to reconnect it and turn it on because I don't want to corrupt another drive. I do have some scratch drives I could use, but the problem happens most when I have a LR catalog open and the program is reading and writing from a drive - don't know if that is coincidence or not...

Any help would be much appreciated, Thanks!