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Thread: connect mac mini to 2 esata drives?

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    Default connect mac mini to 2 esata drives?

    Hi, I recently purchased a Mac Mini server. It has one eSata socket available.
    I also have a Firmtek 2-bay drive enclosure, with 2 eSata cables coming out of it, that I would like to connect simultaneously to the Mini.

    In the past I was able to easily connect both drives to my laptop, using an Express Port Card, that had 2 esata sockets. Is there a simple (inexpensive) solution like this for attaching the two drives to the Mini?

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    Howdy -

    Welcome aboard. Sorry, but there is no eSATA on Minis, or any Macs (unless you add a pci card). There is an HDMI port that looks similar.....

    So, options:

    - FW 800, that can be used with multiple volumes in series.
    - USB2 (handy, but too slow to be an eSATA alternative).
    - Thunderbolt storage, or a thunderbolt adapter.

    Great speed and new options connecting to the TB port, but nothing inexpensive. Yell if you need more info.
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    There is even a Thunderbolt to Express34 adapter from Sonnet that would allow you to connect using your laptop card (or one like it - card has to have a Thunderbolt driver to work in the adapter)

    Worth looking into anyway.

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