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Thread: scsi still alive?

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    Default scsi still alive?

    I have two 6 bay external scsi cases , granite cables, ATTO UL5d, along with 6 15k cheetahs.3's and 6 15k Atlas III's. Those drives are only 36gb each and I was using those in two separate raid 0's, with softraid, for photoshop scratch on two different computers. Now I am moving over to after effects and need to build some raids for HD video, and wondering if I could get some newer, larger, 15k scsi's? Or should I just scrap all that scsi equipment and move on to some esata's? I have heard that currently ssd's are not the way yo go for video? Any thoughts?


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    For a whole heck of a lot less money you will want to go SATA. You can make it big and you can make it fast. A 6 Bay SATA enclosure using port multiplier boards is good for over 400 MB/sec.

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