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Thread: 5 bay enclosure wont power up?

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    Default 5 bay enclosure wont power up?

    Recently I moved offices and my 5 bay enclosure is no longer powering up. After the move the enclosure powered up fine and all 5 HDDs mounted. Then a few days later only one of the 5 HDDs mounted and now nothing powers up or mounts. I've swapped eSATA cords, tested all the drives and my machines eSATA ports and I am at a loss.

    Any Suggestions?

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    I would open the doors to all the drives. Then with the power cord detached, cycle the button a few times to make sure it is solidly clicking into the on position and then clicking back out into the off position.

    Attach power cord and power on - no drives are attached, but fans (12 volt) and LED lights (5 volt) will tell us if the power supply is providing power.

    Next, one at a time, close each drive door and observe on Disk Utility whether the drive is mounting. If it is, then dismount it and open its door and try the next one.

    Essentially - we want to prove we have power. Then we want to test each drive to make sure one of them isn't the source of the problem.

    Depending on your results we can continue on with other testing and determine a fix.

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