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Thread: iBook Hard Drive ribbon socket reflow/resolder

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    Default iBook Hard Drive ribbon socket reflow/resolder

    Hi , I hope you can help . I have a 12" iBook that wouldn't see it's hard drive . While trying to check the connection of the ribbon cable to the logic board socket , I took the cable out and the socket came with it! It doesn't have pins that go through holes in the board , just a lot of pins that lie flat on their soldering points . Is it a lost cause? I've done the video chip repair myself in the past , but this looks a lot harder . There are no components adjacent so I could shield the board and put a heat gun on it but would that kind of connection reflow?

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    I didn't think those were soldered, but were clamped in place... hmm, been quite a while since I pulled one apart. But I seem to remember they just come off like that.

    There are some other members that have a lot of experience bashing around in the guts of iBooks, we'll get a little more clarity from them.

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