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Thread: Trashed Oxford 912 Bridge-Board Firmware

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    Question Trashed Oxford 912 Bridge-Board Firmware

    My problem is as follows:

    Due to an embarrassing faux pas - completely my own fault - I have inadvertently rendered an external FW 400/800 drive enclosure useless, by trashing the firmware of its Oxford 912 bridge-board.

    The good news: 1. I have located several Java-based Oxford utilities that are designed for one of the following actions: updating, uploading and cloning the firmware to a board, 2. I have a few of these enclosures with working firmware.

    The bad news (and there's a lot more of it than good news): 1. I cloned the firmware from a working device, but the updater and uploader don't seem to be able to upload it to the non-working enclosure, 2. Oxford is no longer an independent company, but exists as part of a larger firm that bought them out. They are all but useless in being able to help me with a bridge-board that was discontinued years ago (as it is a PATA-to-FW board), 3. Nowhere on the web have I been able to find proper instruction for the use of these utilities, 4. The "Cloner" utility seems like the right choice - but I don't want to risk screwing-up one of the working enclosures by not having the proper instructions. These are potentially very powerful utilities, and the risk of damage is great (which is how I trashed the now non-functioning enclosure).

    If someone out there in the ethers has some knowledge regarding these utilities, and how I can use it/them to revive my enclosure, I would be VERY grateful!

    - drglenn

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    Did Oxford themselves build the boards? I thought they only built the chipsets.

    If they happen to be granite digital boards then granite makes their own app for repairing/installing firmware

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    I think you can find everything you need, including the firmware, on DatOptics support page:

    Benn a while since I did a 911. They were easier to work on than the current boards.

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