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    Can y'all help me recover some files?

    I've been using a Simpletech 500gb external hard drive to backup my files. The harddrive came with TotalMediaBackUp to backup everything from my OSX Macbook, which I've done 2 or 3 times.. Shortly after the 3rd backup or so, my macbook died (won't turn on). I'm trying to get my files off the harddrive and on to my mom's computer (also a macbook on OS10.3) but I can't see any of them (just the Backup Software) and when I try to use the backup software to "restore" it doesn't show any backups have happened. Is there anyway to get these files back? I'm currently looking into This Total Media Back Up (which is made my ArcSoft) but my dad seems to think it'd be easier to pull out the harddrive from my mac book and try something fancy like that..

    It looks like the drive is using about 40gigs or so (even tho all I can see is the software that only looks like it takes less than a gig), so I'm assuming my files are on there, I just can't find them or the restore file.
    please help!

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    You can pull the drive out of the MacBook and put it into a Firewire enclosure to do the recovery. From there you can at least mount on a working computer and try different software apps on it - if it shows up. Leaving it in the MacBook and trying to recover in place is probably a waste of energy. - well, I guess I should ask, if you boot to an OS installer CD and run Disk Utility from there, can it see and maybe repair the drive? Or is it invisible?

    Never used, or even seen Total Media Backup, so don't know enough to comment on that.

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    I have never used or read about TotalMediaBackUp myself so can't help or make any suggestions there. Do they have a tech support?

    I like Rick's suggestion to get the drive into another computer or FW/USB case so it's booted to another system drive and see if you can access your files that way. USB will be slow... especially if there is some drive directory damage.

    I'm not sure if using TDM Target Disk Mode could help here. Read this Apple doc and another Apple how to.

    Post any questions back

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