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    Default Historical software query...

    Gave away my old Titanium Powerbook G4 800Mhz (with 10.2).

    Thought I was doing the recipient a favour, but it turns out that when she tried to load some old software onto it, it wouldn't have it, saying that even an ancient Word for Mac needed 10.2.8 or higher!

    Anyway, question is this: I've got hold of a set of fairly early Panther, 10.3.5, install disks. Will these do the trick, i.e. will they upgrade the old Powerbook enough for her at least to be able to run that old Word for Mac? (Or are there problems I haven't thought of...)



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    If you have the black OSX retail disk/s then it should work fine. The greenish or grey disks are often machine specific. It required an 867 MHz processor but was not to picky about it. I have installed Leopard 10.5.x on a drive in a faster computer then swapped it into an older machine too.

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    Thanks rwm, and yes, they are the black discs. I'll get the new owner to try them and see if they improve matters.


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