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    ok... i just picked up a new used macpro 5,1 with Lion (which I havent used before) that has a raid card and 4 1tb drives. Nothing appears to be raided together. I assume I can set that up through the raid utility... Im thinking I'll raid 2 of the drives together for a scratch disk. I work from my Burlys. I would welcome any other suggestions as to the best way to use the raids

    The bigger question I have is, are there any issues with Lion and the Burlys? I plan to pull my Tempo E4P card from my older mac to hook up my 2 bay and 5 bay Burlys... am I right to expect no issues with the Burlys and an internal raid?


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    You will have no issue, as far as compatibility with running multiple RAID types.

    Can't help you with the Apple RAID card much as I never thought it was useful to build a RAID like that using the internal drives.. In my opinion, you need one drive that is not in RAID as a boot drive, and you need an identical drive as its backup. That takes up 2 of the internal slots. There are some who will set up a RAID 5 with the Apple RAID card and run the internal RAID volume as a server, with data and boot volume all on the same RAID5 drives. That setup doesn't seem to me to carry over well to a single user workstation and give any performance gains for the costs.

    That's all just opinion, your results and choices will depend on what you want the RAID to do for you. You may have some needs I hadn't considered. We are always happy to help figure it out with you.

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    Having set up several Mac Pros with the Apple RAID card, I can say I really like it, both hardware and their software interface. Used the RAID 5 option for the best compromise of a single large share, good performance, and some drive failure protection. As I recall, last box I tested, I was getting about 400MB/s throughput with 4 1TB HDs in a single RAID 5 config. No complaints.

    Having said that, I don't think the card is worth the price to a do a couple simple stripes and/or mirrors, which can be had for free via software (Disk Utility) with no performance costs, overhead, etc. Though not common, should you have a problem with a RAID 5 array, there is little chance of be sure you backup early and often. RAIDs (all of them....) are not a backup!

    If you don't want or need a RAID 5, pull the card and sell it. New they run $700ish, so ought to fetch at least half that, if not more.
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