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    I recently bought a new (secondhand) iMac. Over the past couple of days, I've had the message 'you do not have sufficient permissions' when trying to replace software, etc.

    Is there any central point where I can establish myself as the admin and thus the owner of all permissions?


    (iMac, 3.2, i3, OS 10.6.4)

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    Apple assumes that if you have physical access to the machine that you can reset any passwords. Insert an installer CD and Launch the Password Utility. You can set up anything you want from there.

    Firmware passwords can be a bit trickier, but that doesn't sound to be your problem.

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    Yes. The other thing you might run in to, is that the old (previous) keychain may not work if the old (previous) password in unknown. You can create a new one, or.....

    I would recommend:

    - Reset permissions as Rick said
    - Be sure the account is and Admin account
    - Create a new Admin account, and log in and start fresh - just like buying a new Mac.
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    Thanks ricks, unclemac.

    It was the Admin business eventually.

    Couldn't find Password Utility anywhere on the 10.6.4. Install disk or the accompanying software bundle.

    Anyway, went to Accounts, found that my name didn't have Admin ticked, and it was greyed out. So, created a new name, made it admin, and then my original name ALSO was able to be ticked for admin. Weird.

    Then deleting the new name just reverted to status quo, so I've now got a second name which I don't really need, but I'm keeping it so that I have full Admin... I thought I'd installed the whole system as normal, but obviously I missed something somewhere.

    Still, it's working for now, so thanks.


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    On the OS disk when the installer first comes up and asks you if you want to install there is a Utilities menu, there you will find the password util and several others... for future reference

    Only an admin can make another admin, which is why your standard user account was greyed out at one time and available to be an admin the next

    Now that your proper account is admin again you probably ought to run the Permissions reset one more time

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