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Thread: Old Powerbook - installation discs?

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    Default Old Powerbook - installation discs?

    Hello there.

    I'm giving my old Powerbook (2001, 800Mhz, 15") away, but first I want to give it a thorough wipe.

    Unfortunately, the original install disks are long since gone, and the Powerbook itself has been uprated to OS 10.4.11. I have install disks for my Intel machines, but they won't work, of course.

    Anyway, question is: what OS level do I need to use as install disks - is it just a question of 'anything below 10.4.11'? Not hard to get - there are always plenty on ebay over here for a few pounds each.


    Allen, London.

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    Anything below 10.4.11 but it must be above the OS your Powerbook shipped with

    The only 800mhz powerbook was a titanium G4 and it it came out in April of 2002 with OS 9.2 So you wouldn't want your original install disks anyway... It won't run 10.0 but will run anything from 10.1 to 10.4.xx so any retail disk of 10.4.xx should do just fine and then you can update as needed.

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