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Thread: Lion Compatibility Issues

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    Default Lion Compatibility Issues

    Dear David,

    I'm sure you've heard about Apple's new OS X 10.7 Lion by now. Talk about
    exciting news! Before you take the plunge, I wanted to make sure that you
    were aware that there may be complications if you upgrade too soon. That's
    why I asked my marketing department to send this message to you and the
    rest of my valued customers.

    Here are a few tips for upgrading to OS X 10.7 Lion:

    - Wait! OS X Lion has lots of cool new functions, but before you make the
    switch, you'll want be sure that the software and gear you rely on is fully

    - Check out the OS X Lion compatibility information listed here:

    We have already established the current compatibility status with the
    following companies: Apogee, Avid, Focusrite, MOTU, Native Instruments,
    Presonus, Propellerhead, and Steinberg, and will be adding to this list
    every day.

    - When all of your gear is listed as OS X Lion compatible, take the time to
    double check with the manufacturer to see if there are any additional
    performance issues you might want to know about.

    Hope you're keeping cool (it's absolutely ROASTING in Fort Wayne),

    Mark Bruhn
    (800) 222-4700 ext. 1316
    The more you know, the more you know you don't know.

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    Virginia... where one Democrat CAN make a difference


    Fort Wayne !?! That's very close to me. I am surprised they have anything of interest

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    Thumbs up

    I purchased some recording gear from them ( sweetwater ).
    Their personal customer support was over the top !
    The more you know, the more you know you don't know.

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