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Thread: Thunderbolt?

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    Default Thunderbolt?

    Hello Rick:

    I'm dreaming of a user-installable board upgrade to our Burly enclosures that would make them Thunderbolt compatible.

    Any thoughts or news about this bleeding-edge technology? (I know you're gonna say it's too soon to tell)

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    P.S. I don't own any Thunderbolt-capable devices, and won't for some time. This is just curiosity.

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    We haven't seen anyone not inside Apple Developer with any availability of chipset and standards for production. Lots of product announcements by the standard motley bunch of Apple Developer members - LaCie, Sonnet, WD et al , none of them really release dated before late summer.

    So far, none of our regular 'outside development' manufacturers have been able to get any technology samples. Some/many of the protocols are not even finalized, although Intel has announced that they will release the Developer Kit for Thunderbolt this quarter. That is now down to just a few weeks left in the quater - so soon?

    Being that Thunderbolt combines PCI Express protocols with Display Port protocols over the same bus - and makes them bidirectional - we'll have to see the developer kit to know how this is going to proceed. The typical bridge and card manufacturer has to have a settled standard or the low margin product they build eats up all their profits in constant modifications after release.

    Every new bus is the same way. When Firewire came out, it was intended to be a multimedia bus. For half a year the only device available was the Firedrive - a little Firewire hard drive case. Firewire was not even designed with hard drive data transfers as the primary goal, but that was all that came out for quite a while.

    I expect the USB-LightPeak wars to rage for the next couple years. Thunderbolt will happen - it is a superior bus. And eventually I can see Apple just having a couple Thunderbolt ports and audio as the sole IO for many of its smaller devices. Its going to take a bit though. I do not personally expect to see bridges available for converting Burlys or building new products for at least another 4 to 6 months.
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