I am running ML. Someone has to do so to find out where the problems are -
Yes, I can appreciate that.

Usually, I wait until the OS version gets to a .5 or .6 before moving on up, but I had figured that Lion was sort of the 'beta' version of ML. In retrospect, it seemed like a hybrid- a bridge, with ML a completely different new universe..

I feel really fortunate I can fall back. I have a lot of sympathy for those with newer machines who have no choice.. Watching one of the Logic Pro forums (which works great in SL but has a serious show-stopping flaw in Lion and ML), there are long-time users abandoning the app because Apple apparently cannot fix the problem without a major re-write of the app. It's sad to see. And those users cannot fall back to Snow Leopard..

Oh well, eventually I'll have to move up myself but hopefully all the big kinks will be cured by then!