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Thread: PS Cs4 crashing/install upgrade?

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    Default PS Cs4 crashing/install upgrade?

    Mac pro tower 2,1, Quad core intel
    16 GB Mem

    avail rm: 3072MB
    let PS use 2549 /83%
    scratch disks:
    3x Raid 5587 GB
    1851 GB
    1819 GB
    1819 GB
    1683 GB
    1153 GB

    My PS CS4 extended was periodically crashing before I got the Burly tower and significantly upgraded my scratch disk space.
    I thought it would help but I still have the problem.
    My next thought was to upgrade to PS5 extended.
    Maybe it will reset everything,

    ( I do have in my application folder CS4 and CS3. Is it better to uninstall those? or does it matter?)

    (I know at one time a while ago, I did trash some PS pslist files...I may have messed it up doing that)
    any help would be appreciated.
    aloha Dyoung

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    Crashing needs to be fixed...

    I would be tempted to start over. Reinstall from scratch. An application that crashes just gets worse as things get corrupted worse over time.

    I would also run Rember and do a series of RAM tests to make sure my RAM wasn't causing the problem.
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    Another quick test is to create a new user in System Preferences/Accounts, and log in as the new user. Open PS and see if you have the same issues.

    If yes (same crashes): Likely the problem is global (PS install, global preference, OS problem).

    If no (no crashes): Likely the problem is with the user, and is not global (user preferences, or other software related issues within this single user Library).
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    dyoung's problem rang a bell.
    Just recently my CS2 started crashing. In my opinion that was caused by installing new large applications (Acrobat X pro and MS Office 2011); removed by zapping them didn't work. How can I be sure? Because bootable (cloned) backups (of which I have several) didn't have this problem - they were virgin and untouched by the new apps. CS2 did NOT crash with them.
    But I needed a better photoshop anyway, and bought CS5.

    So, could dyoung's problem have been caused by some monster app he intalled and forgot about?

    rick points to RAM as possible source. Well, if it's RAM, then obviously that must be fixed first. He mentioned a little tester called "rember". Today I looked it up, and decided to try it. Mind you, I had no problems with RAM or anything.

    The rember test saw my correct RAM modules to start with, 10GB total, and I started the test, letting it have all the memory it needs. Well, it took too long, and I started messing around on internet. The test still kept going. I lost patience and told it to stop.

    When I restarted just to see its log, it showed one RAM module missing - only 9GB. Really? A software test just destroyed a physical part? Tried system profiler but that showed different: all modules working, but two of them at half the rating.

    To sum up: those were the original Apple units - 1 and 1.
    "Rember" showed one missing after the interrupted test. But System profiler showed 512 and 512 MB each, as if none missing but each crippled. Figuring the profiler is off, I rebooted from virgin backups and still showed the loss of 1GB.

    So, uplug computer, remove and reinsert each hard drive (three bays full), and remove/re-insert all RAM. When restarted, all is working fine - I see all 10GB.

    I am seriously tempted to start Rember again and interrupt it, just to recreate this oddity. What think you rick?

    (Hope you won't laugh at my removals of hard drives; several years ago I solved just this problem with the Apple sticks by fooling around with one 1TB drive).

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