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Thread: head phone jack

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    Default head phone jack

    head phone jack not working on my mac book

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    Which Macbook?

    The entire head phone out - nothing? Any other outputs? How did this start? slowly or quickly?

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    Hello tocodog,
    Funny or odd you are posting this...
    I have another friend that is is experiencing the same issue with his Macbook today.
    I like to keep things simple...
    Most often it is a cable or jack problem... try a different set of headphones.
    Mini stereo jack input ... does it feel tight when you plug the headphones in?.. any wiggle?
    If all feels tight and the other set of headphones don't work,
    next there may be corrosion on the input jack.
    A small squirt of contact cleaner from Radio Shack Or even Discount Auto may solve the problem.
    Did any body trip over the cable while listening or recording?
    Laugh but this often happens.
    My friend had tripped over his headphones !!!
    Not too difficult to open and tighten the output jack contacts...
    I hope this step would be scarier.
    The more you know, the more you know you don't know.

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