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Thread: Imac, Applejack, says what?

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    Default Imac, Applejack, says what?

    Applejack now is running on Snow Leopard for those who didn't know.

    I did the OS upgrade recently and have been having the computer/Safari not respond after sleep. Tells me that the iMac isn't connect to the internet and I should check my connection. Thing is the Airport Express is still fine, iMac is ethernet to AE. Running Network Assistant says it's not the computer is the DSL modem.

    So I restart, run Applejack, and I'm back on the internet no big deal. This happens pretty often with sleep, if it's left for some time. Applejack says on the repair permissions: Warning: SUID file "system/library coreservices/remote management/ARDagent. app/Contents/MacOS/ARD agent" has been modified and will not be repaired

    Kinda odd. Anyone got a clue? I'm almost ready to go back to 10.6.4.

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    It's not just a timing issue is it?

    After my iMac sleeps if I try the second it wakes up to get online I get that error. It's because airport takes a bit longer to re-establish the wireless signal than it takes the iMac to wake up. I'd say 20-30 seconds

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    Yes Damien..
    and yeungfeng,
    Perhaps disable or modify the sleep mode
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