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Thread: No eSATA on the single-bay FW hotswap Burly?

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    Question No eSATA on the single-bay FW hotswap Burly?

    Curious if there's a technical reason that there's no eSATA on the back of the single-bay hotswap Burly. I have a Burly tower, and this device looks like a great way for me to maintain compatibility with the tower, while giving me portability and the ability to boot from a drive in this enclosure.

    Any other products I should look at for taking my Burly tray drives to other studios? I find the 2-bay Burly too big to carry around with me.


    Nathaniel Reichman

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    We either build it eSATA or Firewire, not both. I never found a multiport bridge that I liked.

    What you can do, and what we do ourselves with our own 1 Bay Burly, is have both eSATA cabling and Firewire bridge inside it. Open the case, switch the cable, and voila'. Still is either FW or eSATA, but can have yer cake and eat it too.

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    Thanks Rick. Just ordered the 1-bay. Since most studios I go to don't have eSATA, I won't miss it.

    It will be a happy day when Apple builds eSATA into a new Mac Pro and gives us the tools to make it bootable...

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