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Thread: 3TB Hitachi Deckstar - Burly Compatibility

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    Default 3TB Hitachi Deckstar - Burly Compatibility

    Looking into the new 3TB Hitachi drives (available here) and wondering if there would be any compatibility issues with the Burly 6-Bay Dual PM enclosure. I wouldn't think there would be, but just wanted to make sure.

    I'll most likely wait a while before going ahead and buying the 3TB drives and the Dual PM Enclosure, but just wanted to start a discussion about them.

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    I would not expect any issue, though I suspect these must be the new 4KB block drives, which won't work with old OSes like XP.

    This is an interesting note at the bottom regarding reliability:
    Intended for low duty cycle, non mission-critical applications in PC, nearline, and consumer electronics environments, which may vary from application to application. Note that customer environments may vary from application to application.

    Specific application environments such as temperature and duty cycle will affect the overall reliability rates.
    Don't know I have seen this stated so clearly in a spec before....or maybe never noticed.
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