Hi there,

I trying to set a backup plan for my girlfriend. The restoring process has to be "newbie proof".

I'm using TM to backup everything to an e-Sata drive. i'd like to mirror this drive to another e-Sata drive every X hours.

I did try a script with rsync to make a copy, but the second backup takes much more space than TM does. After several researches, rsync doesn't seem to be able to create hard links on folders - only files - as TM does.

The syntax is : rsync -aHzE --force --delete /Volumes/TimeMachineBackup/ /Volumes/Mirror/

The only way I found to make an exact copy of the TM backup is using the Disk utility restore function. Problem is, it takes hours and hours.

Is there a solution to do it?

I use Synchronize Pro for a while, but it's too slow. I'd like to keep changed/deleted files but I had to uncheck this option because it added much more time to backup to complete. That's why I switched to TM.

She has lots of data to backup. System, Users for sure and her data.