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    I have mac pro desktop osx , I just added a new 500gb harddrive ,partitioned into three partitions , installed osx copied old folders from old drive to new , restarted computer then go to preferences , startup disk to change new partition #1 to startup disk but partition #1 does not show in preference pane , only old drives show , repeated process , none of new partitiones show . I appreciate any help
    , Gary

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    Only bootable OSes will show up as start up options.

    Let's back up a step or two. Three partitions, one with a new OS install, yes?

    What about the other two, that you expect (want) to be did you get an OS on these two partitions? You can't copy an OS; it has to installed or cloned using a tool that can copy an OS will allow you to move an OS to another drive/partition.
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