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Thread: archiving away from Mini DV tape

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    Default archiving away from Mini DV tape

    My Panasonic GS300 camcorder is broken, repair cost 240. I am reluctant to spend this to repair an"old" camcorder, especially as I see MiniDV is being phased out by manufacturers apart from high end camcorders. If it breaks again in a year's time I may have a legacy of tapes I cannot easily read. I could buy a new HD recorder for 300. I use it to take videos of Welsh Cobs -

    I can borrow a GS300 to play my 8 archive DV tapes ( Max 480 minutes before any editing) into my MacPro,( 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon, new March 2009 ) but then need to be able to archive them on a more future proof media, but still be able to retrieve then and edit/ combine etc with no loss of quality.

    If I put them onto single sided DVD's can I then retrieve and edit. I have Final Cut express HD version 3.5.1 and Toast 10 on my Mac.

    what are the best options?

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    I believe you can burn to DVD.
    In the future when you want to view/edit just ....

    1. Drag and drop the file to the desktop or ....
    2. Open your editing app. choose "open" ---- XX file from the DVD --- "save as"--- blah, blah where you wish.
    3. "Import file " also works, I believe.

    The main thing is ... burning to DVD is the safe way to go!

    Always do a test run ..... before ANY FOLDERS / FILES are deleted!

    Good Luck!, h

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    Hazkell is correct, DVD media will last about 30 years so it is a good medium for archiving when it is used as a data DVD. The original question may be referring to a video DVD like you would buy in a store and a DVD player or computer would play back. In that case, a video DVD uses highly compressed video and is not suitable for editing. (It is possible but the decompression to edit then compression again for video DVD results in noticably poor video.) So formatted as a data DVD, where the DVD is just a storage medium, will work great for archiving and follow Hazkell's instructions. A single layer DVD will hold 19mins of video in DV (MiniDV tape), so you may benefit from a dual layer DVD to hold more video. The brand of DVD you buy is the most important thing when archiving. There are lots of crap DVDs and will only last a couple of years. When archiving, only purchase a brand you recognize like Memorex if you are in a store, and if shopping online brands like ProDisc, Taiyo Yuden, and MAM-A (formerly Mitsui) are the best.

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