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Thread: macbook pro 1,1 no internal or ext dvd drive reading

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    Default macbook pro 1,1 no internal or ext dvd drive reading

    Hi guys,
    My mat -uj superdrive went south like a lot of them did so i tracked down the lg GWA4080 BE39 and installed that. It made some funny noises and refused to read anything instead it just spat the CD/DVD straight back out. ps these same discs are read fine in my gfs 1.5ghz Powerbook and my Mac Mini.

    Ok i thought maybe I'm unlucky and got a duff one so I'll get an external dvd drive instead, the Samsung SE SO84C. Plugged it in and the drive is read in disc utility but as soon as i put a disc in it the drive vanishes and gets stuck in a spin cycle??? This ext drive works fine if plugged into my Mac Mini, but doesnt work with the Powerbook.
    Hmm, I'm perplexed! Has anyone had this experience? Or have any suggestions?
    Many thanks,

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    Default First two thoughts.

    Are your jumper's set right? .... such as... master, cable select CS etc.
    Do you have the right drivers or firmware installed for the "lg GWA4080 BE39"
    The mfg's site should have it.

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    Hmmmmmm.....that is odd.

    The external and the media work fine on the second Mac, correct? That is odd.

    Could be a firewire port issue (seems unlikely), or perhaps an OS issue? You might try rerunning the OS Combination updater (of whatever OS it is currently running). Might try Safe Boot mode, to see if the optical drives reacts any differently too.
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