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Thread: Focus / Beachball issues

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    Default Focus / Beachball issues

    Hi guys. I'm on Leopard and recently have started getting some random behaviors. It started at first in one app, things like the main app window losing its focus to the finder and vice versa, spinning beach ball, requiring a force quit. I don't know whether that screwed something up because now I get this behavior with other apps, from time to time; where I'll be working in an app and all of a sudden I lose its focus (it becomes unresponsive other than still being able to move its window around). Then eventually the apps menubar becomes the Finder's menubar and app is out to lunch.

    I also notice beach ball if I am on a forum where someone has put one of those mini movie pics (whatever those are called) where if I am scrolling by it, it will bring about the beach ball. At these times the console says "[app] looked for URL on the pasteboard but found none."

    I also see this in the console (usually nearby the pasteboard message):

    8/20/10 5:11:06 PM kernel { 41 910440} UniNEnet::restartReceiver

    What would be causing this stuff? and how to fix it?

    Am on G5 dual 2.3 6GB RAM. Up until the last couple weeks the computer has been perfect.

    Thank you!

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    sounds like a HDD issue. I'd say it's struggling to access certain areas of the disk.

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