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    Default Anybody?..........

    Anybody know anything about theses : or this:
    Wanting to add to my PT 001 rig.

    Hey Brane! got any new info. that I can apply to my 001?
    Don't really keep up with the audio worldly news.

    Any little scrap bit is good!

    I have this running thought again .... if I can't get this 2nd DA running .... I'm thinking seriously about dropping a 7448 in that puppy .... just for my PTs 001......

    Anyboby have any views on this?

    thanks, h

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    Geez that's a lot of scratch. Better be some good samples in there.

    I dunno about compatibility with PTLE 6.4. I no longer have my 001. Traded it for a Delta 1010, and PTMP 7.1. I don't mess with samlples either. I'm strictly a recording/mixing guy not an electronic composer.

    My 7448 is still chugging along quite nicely. I am running a dual-boot setup these days though since even 7.1 is outdated to the point I needed to update my main OS/apps beyond what it can handle. It's mainly QT that's the dealbreaker, but throw in a security update or two and you're hosed.

    Gotta love owning legacy hardware as your main rig.

    Maybe someday I'll have a budget for new hardware.

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