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Thread: Installing Bluetooth on G5

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    Default Installing Bluetooth on G5

    Is installing bluetooth on my G5 as simple as plugging in a bluetooth antenna?

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    OS 10.4.11

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    If your G5 has BT then yes.

    If it doesn't have BT then no.

    And yes all early models shipped with the antenna whether they had BT or not.

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    Default Bluetooth on G5

    Thanks, two followup questions:

    1. How would I determine if I have BT? Is the ASP the correct way to determine? It shows BT but has no information listed.

    2. Will BT interfere with my Airport Extreme antenna and my wireless network already in place?

    (I purchased this G5 used and it came w/o a BT antenna)

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    Default sys profile

    I would look in System Profile;
    if BT is installed, hardware will register here.
    BT is on a different path, like having more than one USB -sort of.
    -- aka bt and ae can both be active at the same time.

    if not installed internally, you can get a USB/BT // at the store for $30 on line for $10.

    G5 2x1.8 8gig, osx5.8 / G4 sawtooth, 1.6ghz, 2 gig

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