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    Question headphones

    Anybody have a preference when it comes to laptops and audio?

    Going to be used with a Powerbook G4 (audio 1/8"in-put).
    The min type like the Sony Walkmans.

    I have a set that I use with my "lowley G4" but believe I could do better.

    The less signal to noise ratio .... the better!
    Good dynamic range.

    Will be used for recording PTs .... when and where ever I want.
    Once again, my audio world just expanded "ten-fold "with the Powerbook.

    Choices anyone?
    Profession/al Semi-Pro of course!

    This is probable a really stupid Question!

    Thank You, h

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    My absolute favorite are the Sennheiser HD280Pro, I have 5 and love them. They have good rejection and their parts are replaceable too. They sound great, are comfortable and will last a long time. The only downside is with the cup padding, after a few years of heavy use the covering starts to come off, but if you're not a sweaty drummer like me they might not do that Just remember never to wear any large cup headphones for longer than 60-90mins without at least a few uncovered minutes in between to keep bacteria in the ear canal to a minimum. Sounds weird but it keeps ear wax buildup low, and therefore fewer obstructions in the canal resulting in clearer audio.

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    I have AKG-K270S for pro studio work. Have had them for about 15 years and still going strong.

    Drummers loved these back -in the- day .... probable still do!
    You can crank them up!
    The cones are still good and the padding hasn't started wearing out yet .... but don't get used like you probable do!

    I'll have to give the SEN-HD280 pros a search.

    I need a very light-weight pair.

    thanks, h

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    Another vote for the Sennheisers. Much more natural sounding to my ears than Sony's conventional headphones.

    For in-ears however Sony gets the nod. I really hate to recommend a Sony product, but my Sony in-ears are the best BFTB that I've found yet. They also fit comfortably under a helmet for extended periods. Priceless when travelling long distances by freeway.

    If you asked me to mix something with headphones I'd probably go for the Sonys. They are that good. The Sennheisers have better isolation, but unfortunately won't fit under a helmet.

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